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Resolve Bitdefender Error on shutdown
Bitdefender is recommended by many of the antivirus users, but it doesn’t give any guarantee of error-free software. You can enjoy Bitdefender many features but sometimes you can get the technical faults that is Bitdefender error on shutdown you can also get it during a system restart. This issue is with your Bitdefender antivirus software setup files that can cause the error. Also, here is a problem with “Threat Scanner.dmp” file that generates an error in your System. Read this article to resolve Bitdefender error on shutdown.

Causes of Bitdefender error on shutdown: –

  • It may be possible that you receive notifications regarding some error and it suddenly crashes the window in which you are currently working.
  • Bitdefender programs stop unexpectedly just when you try to open or run a scan.
  • It may be possible that your keyword and mouse and Windows turn unresponsive or slow.
  • You will get a notification on the Bitdefender Threat scanner issue4 on your system.
  • Sometimes, the files in the temp folder appear to be damaged or corrupted.
  • You also get this error message during Windows startup, shutdown or even when the system update or installs iOS.
  • After updating your OS system, you get the Bitdefender error on Shutdown.
Solutions to resolve Bitdefender error on Shutdown: –
Here are many quick solutions available to fix this error. Follow the below-given steps:
Unable to access secured sites and Apps due to scan SSL in Bitdefender: –
In case, scan SSL features is turned on in antivirus settings then it can clog you from accessing certain applications and websites due to the authentication problems with your SSL certifications.
    • At first, open Bitdefender and tap on features
    • Now, navigate to web protection and select settings.
    • Tap on the scan SSL option to disable this option right away.
    • If you use an older version of Bitdefender then tap on the Settings
    • Now, navigate to Privacy Control and select ant phishing.
    • After that disable scan SSL option.
    • You can see, Bitdefender error on shutdown will be resolved now.

After installation of Bitdefender, your system refuses to boot:-

If you install a corrupt antivirus and get an issue saying Bitdefender error on shutdown, then uninstall it and install new and correct antivirus. Start your PC in safe mode to fix this error.
    • At first, navigate to the control panel and locate Bitdefender’s icon from the available program’s list.
    • Now, right-click on the antivirus symbol and tap on uninstall or change to remove this corrupted software.
    • Go to the Bitdefender website, download and reinstall the correct version of antivirus software.
    • Also, ensure that which version you are going to be downloaded is compatible with the OS.
    • Now, reboot your system to save the installation and check if it can resolve the error.

Bitdefender Firewall activation: –

Once you activate the Bitdefender Firewall then it protects your PC very strongly. But, many times it happens that you fidget to enable this option. So, you get the issue like Bitdefender error on shutdown basically due to lack of Base Filtering Engine. You should locate that service engine and ensure that it is active.
  • At first, click on My Computer from your desktop.
  • Now, right-click on the blank area and select manage and search services.
  • After that, tap on the application
  • Now, you see a property window with Base Filtering Engine.
  • You can also see the Service Status of the Base Filtering Engine service.
  • Make sure that the active status of this service engine is running.
  • Now, tap on Save option to save these changes.
  • Open, Bitdefender and run it see if the error will be resolved now.
In this above blog, we discuss to resolve Bitdefender error on shutdown. Follow all the above-mentioned solution to fix your problem. Causes are also mentioned, so read it to protect your system for this kind of attack, because it can crash your PC. You can also call to our experts if you have any queries.  

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