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Spotify Search not Working
Spotify search assists you in exploring more songs from database.  You can easily search for your favorite artist or playlist and build up your own Spotify library. You can easily perform Spotify keyword search and voice search. But in case you face searching issue while using Spotify search, read on this article:

How to perform Spotify Search /Keyword Search
  • Look for the “Search” button from your Spotify web player or the Spotify app.
  • You can search for songs, artists, albums, playlist, genres, podcast and videos. Spotify also allows you to search for Spotify users.
  • Spotify users not having a display name, can search “spotify:user:” followed by their Spotify username without any spaces.
How to Use Spotify Search (Voice Search)

Many times, it happens that we are too busy and cannot type to search to play another Spotify song. In such situation, you can use Spotify voice search on your iOS device. It is not available on Android device yet.

Tap on the “Search” button from the bottom. Click on the audio button at the right. You will find a microphone icon popping up. Hit on that icon and you will get the interface saying “‘Spotify’ Would Like to Access the Microphone”. Click on “OK” to allow you.

Now you will see some voice command recommendation listed for your reference. Try to say them first or you can directly tell Spotify what you are searching for.

Methods to Fix Spotify Search Not Working Issue

If you find out that Spotify search is not working very well, you can try out a clean re-install.

Mac Users
  1. Remove Spotify from the “Applications” folder.
  2. Click on “CMD” and “Space.” Spotlight will open. Type “~/Library/”
  3. Click into “Application Support” folder.
  4. Look for Spotify in the folder and delete it
  5. Now Re-install Spotify from App Store;
Windows Users
  1. Close Spotify on your PC. Uninstall the Spotify App.
  2. Go to “C Disk” and click on Users. Select AppData and delete any folder associated with Spotify from “Local” folder and “Roaming” folder.
  3. Once you delete all the related folders, restart your computer.
  4. Now Re-install Spotify from App Store.
Using Spotify Premium, you can play Spotify music offline only on 3 devices for one account. If this is the reason for your problem, then you can download TuneFab Spotify Music Converter on your computer.
  • First of all, remove DRM-protection of Spotify songs.
  • Now without Premium, download unlimited Spotify songs offline.
  • It Supports MP3, M4A, WAV and FLAC music as output formats.
  • You can easily batch convert Spotify songs with a good quality.
  • Now enjoy offline Spotify songs on your favorite device and player.
  • You can easily edit ID3 tags if required.
  • It is an easy and fast converting software.
If still you are having any issue, you can take the help of customer support. Technical team of customer support is present 24*7 anywhere. Just dial their toll-free number to get an instant support.

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