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Netflix Site Error
Netflix is one of the most used media services providers and it is available almost in every country. Most of us depend on the premium services provide by Netflix for our entertainment and relaxation.

At some time, you may face a problem like you do not get what you wish and have to deal with an error like Netflix site error with “we are unable to process your request”.

This error caused by many reasons, one of them being your network connection along with the device or browser you are using.

Causes of the Netflix site error:-

The Netflix site error pops up when you visit the Browse page. Since the error appears as soon as you visit the browse page, it suggests that the issue is wither with the device you are using or the browser you are using to browse Netflix.

It is important to note down that sometimes the issue may be from the server’s end, but the possibility is minimum. Following can be a cause of the issue:
  • Network connectivity:- The cause of the error message can be your network connectivity. In this case, you will have to start your home network and then visit again at Netflix.
  • Browser cache:- Once you visit a website, the browser stores temporary files of the website to display the site. At the same time, many sites use cache in order to store important data about your visit.
  • Incompatible browser:- If you are using a not so notorious browser, the likelihood of it being incompatible with Netflix is high. So, in this case, you will have to change the browser you are using.

    Here are many solutions to fix the Netflix site error:

    1) Use compatible browser:-
You will have to access the site using a compatible browser if you want to access the contents of Netflix. If you don’t use the compatible browser of Netflix then you will not able to access the sites. You can go to that page to see the compatible browser and where to download them.

2) Sign in using a different device:-

First of all you need to do when you face the problem Netflix site error message is to another device like your smartphone to browse the contents of Netflix. Now, if you are able to do without any issue that means some issue on that device. It may be due to the browser cache.

3) Clear browser cache:-

If you are able to browse Netflix on a different device, then clear browser cache that can fix your issues. Here’s the way to clear browser cache:

Google Chrome:-

• Open Google Chrome.

• At the top right, click on the 3 dots (more icon).

• Move your cursor to more tools and click clear browsing data.

• Select a specific time range.

• The most important thing, make sure cookies and cached images and files boxes are ticked.

• If you don’t want to delete all history, then uptick the specified box.

• Click on clear data.

• Start your browser again.

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