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Netflix Error Code NW-2-5
The Netflix error code NW-2-5 is due to a network connectivity issue i.e.  your device is unable to reach the Netflix service. If your device isn’t connected to the internet, or there is anything that is preventing the device from connecting to Netflix, you will face Netflix error code NW-2-5. Error code NW-2-5 is common on most of the devices having a Netflix app, such as game consoles, streaming devices like Roku, Blu-Ray Players, and smart televisions. In Netflix error code NW-2-5, your device will display this message on the screen: Netflix has encountered an error. Retrying in X seconds. Code: NW-2-5

How to Fix a Netflix Error Code NW 205

The methods to fix error code NW-2-5 depend on the device you are using. Before proceeding, check the following:
  • Verify that the network you are using supports streaming.
  • Check that your device is properly connected to the internet.
  • Restart your device. You can also unplug the device for a minute after shutting it off.
  • Check your DNS server settings.
  • Restart your home network by shutting off both your router and modem. Unplug them to completely fix the problem.
  • Use an ethernet connection, or try to achieve a strong Wi-Fi signal.
  • Ask your internet service provider if the problem is from that side.
  • Check that your Network Support Streaming or not.

Method to Verify Your DNS Settings

Below are steps on how to verify your DNS settings on a PlayStation 3:
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Network Settings.
  3. Select Internet Connection Settings.
  4. Click OK on the confirmation screen.
  5. Click on Custom.
  6. Select Wired Connection if you have connected PS3 using ethernet and Wireless for Wi-Fi. To connect via ethernet, select Auto-Detect for the operation mode. To connect via Wi-Fi, select Enter manually under the WLAN section. Press right on the d-pad to select IP Address Setting.
  7. Select Automatic for the IP Address Setting.
  8. Choose Do Not Set for the DHCP host name.
  9. Select Automatic for the DNS Setting and Automatic for MTU.
  10. Choose Do Not Use for the Proxy Server.
  11. For UPnP select Enable.
  12. Press the X button to save settings.
  13. Select Test Connection.
Steps to verify your DNS settings on PlayStation 4:
  1. From Settings, go to Network.
  2. Select Set Up Internet Connection.
  3. Select Use Wi-Fi if you are connected wirelessly and Use a LAN Cable if you are connected via an ethernet cable. If you are connected via Wi-Fi, go to use Wi-Fi and select custom. Choose your Wi-Fi network. If you are connected using ethernet, choose Custom for the Operation mode.
  4. In the IP Address Settings, select automatic.
  5. For the DHCP Host Name, select Do Not Specify.
  6. Choose Automatic for the DNS Settings and the MTU Settings.
  7. Select Do Not Use for the Proxy Server.
  8. Choose Test Connection.
Xbox 360:
  1. Tap the Guide button on your controller.
  2. From Settings, go to System Settings.
  3. Choose Network Settings.
  4. Search for your network and select Configure Network.
  5. In the DNS Settings, click on Automatic.
  6. Shut down your Xbox 360, and then turn it back on.
Xbox One:
  1. Press the Menu button.
  2. From Settings, go to All Settings.
  3. Select Network and Network settings.
  4. Go to Advanced settings.
  5. Select DNS settings.
  6. Choose Automatic.
  7. Press the B button.
If you still have a Netflix code NW-2-5, then contact your internet service provider. There may be a hardware issue with your modem, router, or streaming device also.    

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