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Gmail is an open-source service that is cloud-based and free for its users. Gmail is simple and has many advanced features but like other services it also faces issues like Gmail error 007. Gmail error 007 freezes the users account due to which the user is unable to click anything, and even cant refresh the page. This error prevents users from sending or reading unopened emails. A quick fix is to close Google chrome and open it again. Other than this, many easy ways are also there which are discussed below.

Disable Browser’s extensions

Check if you have recently installed any browser extensions as the extension might be the main cause of Gmail error 007.Disable extensions using the steps below: • Go to Google Chrome and click on the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner. • Click on More tools and select extensions. • Now uncheck enabled box on your extensions. To find out which extension has been causing the problem, enable the extensions one by one and check every time the issue is solved or not.

Disable Gmail labs background send

If you have background send enabled, disable it using these simple steps: • Sign into your Gmail account. • Go to the gear icon from the top right corner of the Gmail page. • Click on Settings and go to lab tab. • Look for Background send and disable it. You can even try to use a different browser to access your Gmail account. There are many automated solutions also for Gmail error 007. Change the email client in this situation as there is no fixed time when the issue will be resolved. Manual methods are lengthy and has many limitations so you can opt for automated solutions.

Clear the Cache and Cookies

Follow these steps to clear cache and cookies from your browser: 1. From Google Chrome’s menu click on Settings. 2. Scroll down and select Show Advanced Settings. 3. Click on Content Settings, under the Privacy tab 4. In Cookies click on All cookies and site data. 5. Click on Remove All. 6. Click Done.

Scan for viruses

Scan your computer for viruses as they can cause Gmail error 007 and also harm your computer. Use a good antivirus and perform a full scan of your computer.

Check for browser updates.

Browsers like Google Chrome updates itself automatically. But you can check for updates manually also. Go to the browser’s settings and check for updates.

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