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Gmail Sync Error
Gmail email client app is being used by millions of users for business and personal use. It a built-in application that helps users in syncing and receiving new emails and saves their time. Many times, user face issues like Gmail sync error. This problem affects the work of the user but it can be solved easily in simple ways. When you face Gmail sync error, you may also face following troubles:
  • You will be unable to send mails or mails may get stuck while sending.
  • You may get “Account not synced” error.
  • Not able to load or receive a new mail.
  • You cannot open or read the mails in the mailbox.
  • Your Gmail inbox is not updating.
  • You may not get notifications for the new mails received in your inbox.
  • The Gmail app is working slow.

Methods to troubleshoot sync errors

There are many ways to fix Gmail sync error, let’s discuss them one by one:
  • If you are having issues with Gmail notification, then check your Gmail app notifications settings properly. Make changes accordingly.
  • Make sure, you are connected to a high-speed internet connection. Switch to Wi-Fi from mobile data or vice-versa.
  • Check sync settings on the Gmail app.
  • May be due to sync settings of the account, your Gmail app is not verifying the new mails.
  • Now open the Gmail application.
  • Click the menu option.
  • Go to settings.
  • If you have more than one account, select the account in which you are not receiving emails.
  • Make sure that your sync Gmail is checked.
  • Go to your mobile device and check your Gmail settings.
  • Perform a manual sync. Go to Gmail app and swipe the screen from top to bottom.
  • Enable automatic sync. Go to Gmail app and click on Menu. Go to settings and select your account. select Sync Gmail check box under the data usage section.
  • Many phones and tablets, have an option to turn off sync for every app that is installed in it.
  • Clear Gmail app data and the stored Gmail files. Go to settings app and click on “Apps and Notifications.” Click on Gmail app and go to storage. Tap clear storage and confirm the action.
  • Re-add the Gmail account. Go to settings and click on “Passwords & accounts.” Select your Gmail account. Click on “Delete account.” tap on “Delete account.” Again, go back to the “Passwords & accounts” section and click on “Add account.” select Google. Enter your username and password.
  • Enable IMAP. Using IMAP, Gmail users can send emails from its mail server to the device. By default, it is enabled but can be changed if you want. Go to web browser on your computer and open Gmail home page. Log in using your username and password. Click on settings, and select settings. Tap “forwarding and POP/IMAP.” Go to the IMAP access section and click on “Enable IMAP.” Click on “Save changes.”
You may also take the help of a third-party to get the issue fixed by technical experts.

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